Saturday, 22 March 2014

South African wildlife and culture #ibmcsc South Africa

Last Saturday 7 of us decided to have a day trip to see some South African Wildlife.  Lots of options but what would be the best place to go?  Answer contact a tour guide that some of the team had used the weekend before in Durban.  Cliffy had done a great job showing them round Durban so we got in touch and he offered to put a day together for us of places to go, bring a vehicle that could take us all and act as our guide/driver for the day.

We agreed and so after an early breakfast ( the second time in the week when I was the first person down in the morning !) we were collected by Cliffy in his van.   Our transport for the day

The first place we went was the Tala Game Reserve.

We arrived at the start point and looked out over the reserve, the animals are out there somewhere…
At the start looking at the view

For this part of the trip we were to transfer into an open 4x4 and be driven round the reserve by one of their rangers.  
Here comes our ride and ranger
This would give us a great view of any animals we came across and a knowledgable host to inform us and take us to all the right places.   We had a fantastic time going round the reserve and saw a wide range of animals including..


White Rhino
  White Rhino
Water buck
  Water buck
  Impala hiing in the trees
and many more ….

It was a wonderful place, as well as the wildlife that we were able to see it was also a place of tranquility.  When the ranger stopped the vehicle and turned off the engine you could just hear the noise of birds in the area and animals.  The lovely sunshine also helped.

Next stop was the Natal Lion Park.  Driving through the park we saw some elephants in the distance  and then came to the lion enclosure. Somewhat underwhelming in that this was actually a comparatively small area inside a strong fence ( for obvious reasons) that you go in to and drive around.  It did afford good views of the lions - pleased how the photos came out as I was shooting through the glass of our vehicle.


This one was rather ominously standing over what looked like a trophy hub cap!

Lion wiht trophy from a pervious visitor

Our third and final stop for the day was the PheZulu Safari Park.  Here we got to see some aspects of traditional Zulu culture.  Sitting in a traditional hut

Demonstrating traditional Zulu cooking
and then watching some Zulu dancing against the backdrop of the "Valley of 1000 Hills"

Zulu Dancing display

and the chance to take some photos with the dancers….

Team with some Zulu dancers
Andrew and 2 of the dancers

After some lunch, a visit to their crocodile park, and the obligatory shopping in the gift store it was time to head back to Pietermaritzburg.

A truly wonderful day.

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