Friday, 16 April 2010

Gadget Show Live

Last week the girls and I went up to the NEC to attend Gadget Show Live. We had a great time. We arrived late morning, spent a few hours looking round the exhibits and finished up by attending the 4pm Live Show.

There was so much to see - for us a few highlights were ...

3D - masses of technology around this space. We tried on different sorts of glasses some projecting images in front of our eyes and some used in conjunction with a screen. Our favorite was the 3D TV, viewed normally it was a fuzzy looking image but put the supplied glasses on and WOW the image really came to life. Rugby ball appearing to fly out of the screen certainly made people jump :-)

Old tech - lots of chance to play with some tech from the 70's and up to current day. Great to be able to show the girls some of the early games machines and just how blocky the early games were.

The live show was good fun - chance to see the presenters "in the flesh" and also a range of other items. We especially liked the flying penguins, Titan the robot and the amazing dance/light routine. To get a flavour of it here's a video someone recorded of the dancers and from there you can navigate to their videos of Titan and then the Penguins. At the start of the live show the presenter said words to the effect of..... "you will have noticed that your tickets say no photography or recording of the show..... how crazy is that, this is the gadget show.... record, photograph, post it, live stream it to the internet - we don't care" :-)

After the live show it was time to head back to the car in the depths of the N5 car park and drive home.

So ... did we leave the show laden with tech? Well I bought a Winkku mirror for my bike. Alice tried to buy a Vectron Wave from Air Hogs but sadly they aren't for sale in the UK until July :-(
Helen used the show as a chance to check out the wide range of remote control helicopters on sale and will probably get one of those after a bit more online research. Taking out a trial subscription to T3 magazine also got me a small speaker to go with my iPod.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Photo challenge finished in style

Well I managed to complete my photo challenge in style.  For Helen's birthday party we took some of her friends bowling and on my last go of my last game I had a high scoring round (completely against the run of play) and when I looked at the scoreboard I realised I had scored 83 which was my last number ! 83 - Bowling score at H's party

For this year I think I will change tack and build a set of photos of doors/entrances that have some significance - for example places that we visit during the year.