Sunday, 16 March 2014

A day spent exploring Durban #ibmcsc South Africa

We spent Saturday exploring the hot, humid, and bustling town that is Durban.

Coming out of the hotel I did a double take on the sign for the optician and wondered about my eyesight until I realised that, rather amusingly and I assume deliberately, the text appears blurred unless you view it straight on :-)

Loved this sign ... it appears blurred unless you look at it straight on !

We started by heading down to the beach and an intriguing pier. Pier near the hotel
We then walked along the coast periodically stopping for photos along the way.... Photo time
Eventually our path came to an end at a small park. Here I was delighted to bag my second South African geocache ( City Solitude ) - setting a fresh record for most southerly and most easterly geocache that I have found :-)

 For a picture of me signing the log you need to head on over to my fellow CSC participant Andrew's blog entry for the day.

From here we walked back along a road a bit more inland from the beach to an area where we could catch a taxi to take us to uSharka. Brief diversion into Woolworths before catching the cab. For once not to buy a salad for lunch but rather to buy copies of a local Zulu language newspaper which had a few pages of photos from the State of the Province event earlier in the week. Five of the team had been captured in photos from the red carpet that were included and we wanted to get a copy. As he was buying the paper one of my colleagues was asked by the cashier "can you read that?" - as I said this is a zulu language paper. "No" he replied ... "but it does have my picture in it!".

Papers duly purchased, we headed for uSharka Marine World.

This turned out to be a super location with lots to see and do - shops to explore, restaurants, Dangerous Creatures exhibition and the aquarium set inside an old ship.
uSharka acquarium housed in old ship
We had a great time exploring the various exhibits and also attended a very good dolphin show. uSharka Dolphin Display

You can find a few photos on my Flickr Photosteam - here 

With the exploring done we headed to Moyo's restaurant for a late lunch / early dinner.  Some people went for the famous ( well we'd had a lot of people mention it to us...) "Durban Bunny".  I opted instead for a rather lovely Chicken Tajine which did at least come from the right continent if not the exact country.  Further adding to the African theme I also had some Zimbabwe style Pumpkin mash with peanut which was really tasty.   The waiter brought us some Tunisian Flat Breads as a starter ( as you may be aware our team was originally supposed to have been Tunisia bound last October until uncertainty over the political situation led to a change of plans).  So with Tunisia having previously been a non-starter for us it did seem apt that it should now appear as a starter :-)

Hunger sated we wandered back though the shopping area, pausing at some local handicraft stores so some of our number could add to the haul of souvenirs.  Taxi back to the hotel to collect our bags in time to be picked up for the return trip to Pietermaritzburg where we arrived just in time for a quick walk over to "our" mall and some frozen yoghurt from Wakaberry.

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