Monday, 10 March 2014

Exploring Howick #ibmcsc South Africa

After heading in towards town on Saturday we headed the other direction on Sunday to visit Howick - about a 30 minute cab ride away.

Howick offers the discerning visitor 2 things.

A spectacular waterfall ( 4th highest in South Africa I believe)

Howick Falls
... and a range of craft stalls and shops Howick craft market stalls

The falls were impressive and if you look carefully in the photo you may spot some people at the top doing their washing - must be quite a view from there. Craft stalls had a good range of items for sale including lots of bead work which seems to be a local specialty. I bought an iguana style one to go with a couple of others that we have already.

For me there was another attraction.... The chance to get my first geocache find in South Africa :-). The magnetic nano that is "Howick History" (sign up to may be needed for that link to work) was placed just outside the local museum.

Outside Howick Museum
A quick search and it was in hand and a new personal record for the most southerly geocache found as well as my first cache over 5000 miles from home and indeed my most easterly find so far.

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