Saturday, 15 March 2014

Heading to Durban #ibmcsc South Africa

On Friday we headed to the coast and a stay in Durban.   The whole team started by visiting the IBM offices
IBM Office in Durban

where we got to speak with some of the local IBMers about our time on the CSC project and hopefully helped to encourage them to apply themselves when they open for applications in April.

We had a guided tour of a standard enough looking office
IBM Office in Durban

This one however has a roof top terrace as well where we paused for a group photo - looking into the sun and with a drop behind us, it came out surprisingly well !
IBM Office in Durban

It had great views down over Durban with the port in the far distance ( regular readers will know that this is a very important port both for the region and nation). IBM Office in Durban
The opportunity of being in Durban for meetings on Friday was just too good to miss so we had all booked ourselves in to a local hotel for the night. We were staying at the Protea Umhlanga and with the meeting over most of the team headed over there to check in. Following a a disconcerting "we've got a reservation"... "no you haven't" discussion at the hotel reception desk, realisation dawned that the Protea group has 2 hotels in the Umhlanga area! Relocating to the correct one Hotel for the night the Protea Umhlanga
they were able to check in. Hotel rooms were very spacious and even included a small kitchen area with fridge, microwave, sink etc.
 Room for the night
Along with the other members of the education project team I had remained at the IBM offices for a conference call. That over, and learning from the experience of our colleagues, we headed to the right hotel first time. Late afternoon and it was time to gather again for another call - this time a mid project review where we could all talk about how things were going with the CSC program owners. The hotel had kindly allowed us to use a large meeting room on the 9th floor for our call so we gathered there ... Team gathers for our mid project update call
and had our meeting. Views over Durban from the room were good... View from 9th floor conference room View from 9th floor conference room
For dinner that evening we headed down the road to find an Indian Restaurant that had been recommended to us. When we go there it was worryingly quiet, due perhaps to the fact that they were setting up the main body of the restaurant for an event the next day. Anyhow we decided to give it a go and got a table. Menu looked good and we ordered ... time passed.... more time passed... and then some more....finally our food arrived, dread to think what the service is like if they are actually busy ! Thankfully though when it eventually came it was very good.

Tomorrow - a day of exploring Durban

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