Friday, 21 February 2014

#ibmcsc South Africa Day 1 - Arriving

After all the preparing and planning I've now actually arrived in Johannesburg.

Coach from Winchester to Heathrow worked well even if an accident on the M3 and resulting jams mean we arrived an hour behind schedule but that's why you allow plenty of time.  

Flight with Virgin Atlantic was really very good.  Decent food and an inseat entertainment system that allowed you to access the film / TV show of your choice from a large list as and when you wanted it.  ( For the record I chose the very good Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks).

Arrived into Johannesburg just ahead of schedule and smooth transfer to the hotel.

Weather good deal warmer than I've been used to of late though similarly damp with some strong showers in the afternoon.

As the day progresses the team has been steadily arriving from our various start points around the globe.

Five of us managed to meet up this afternoon - great to actually put a face to the voices I've been hearing on calls for so many months.  Went for an explore of the local area and achieved one of the important milestones of a visit to any country... finding local supermarket where you can buy some water :-)

Tomorrow we are off into the IBM office and a trip to a Museum to immerse ourselves in some history.

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