Thursday, 20 February 2014

All set for #ibmcsc South Africa?

After months of planning and preparations the day of departure has arrived.

The bags are packed … and after some judicious shuffling of content and removal of a few things are inside the weight allowance !

I am going to be working on a project in South Africa with IBM's Corporate Service Corps.  Myself and 9 other IBMers drawn from across the business and the globe will be based in Pietermaritzburg.  Split into 3 sub teams we will be working with local organisations on defined projects.

Having never been to South Africa, or indeed any country in Africa, this is certainly a journey into the unknown but one that I am certainly excited to be taking.  As I have spoken with people over the last months about South Africa the resounding response form those who have been there before is that it will be an amazing month.

My intention is to post regular updates into this blog as the month progresses.  If you want to see what my colleagues are posting as well then get on over to this page and look out for and posts for #IBMCSC South Africa

Time to go and sort out those last minute jobs before heading to Heathrow and my flight.


  1. Lucky you Michael - you are going to have a wonderful time. Make sure you relish every moment!

  2. Look forward to your upcoming series of posts. I know you'll make a difference during this assignment. And I'm confident that you'll relish every second!

  3. Sounds terribly exciting Michael. I'll look forward to your updates on your blog.