Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ed's Circuit

Ed's Circuit is a series of 16 geocaches laid on a circular walk from Compton.  It is clearly a popular series of caches to do as the footfall of previous seekers has worn extra paths to some of them....

Cache path

Last weekend we did the first 7 caches and today we decided to risk the rain and return to finish it.  Started with an extra one in the grounds of Compton Church and then headed down the road to No 16 and from there round the circuit in reverse order all the way back to where we finished up last weekend.

On the way round we liberated an African Mask trackable which headed out on its travels at the start of this year in Rhône-Alpes, France and we will now move on to a new home.

We timed it well, only having a few mins of rain now and again to interrupt the sunshine and had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours walking through some really lovely countryside.

Logged a total of 10 cache finds - a new "personal best" daily find score :-)

Also pleased to note that the number of caches left to find to complete my 2012 challenge ( to find all of the ones within 5 miles of our house) now stands at 99 - first time below 100.

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