Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Geocaching milestone - it's another 3

From my geocaching account I can look back at my "Geocaching Milestones" - see below.

I'm sure there are some who would argue the 25th cache find is really no different from the 24th or the 26th but if you're going to pick some then why not these ones.

I'd spotted that coincidentally my 50th, 75th and 100th caches had all been the third in a series.  Respectively Barns 3 part of a circuit in the countryside north of Littleton, Ed's circuit 3 from a lovely walk round Compton. and Roman Road 3 from a decidedly more linear series of caches along one of the Roman roads heading out of Winchester.

As my 200th cache approached it seemed only fitting to try to arrange for that one to also be a 3.   I attempted to get there with a walk around part of the Hursley Circular trail but a failure to find one of the others in the series meant that  Hursley Circular 3 came in as my 199th find :-(

A trip to Little Up Somborne Wood and Clarendon 2-3 Bert 3 however came to my rescue and maintained the pattern.

Having kept it going for 4 milestones I suspect I may have created some pressure for myself in the coming months when we get to 300.....

Anyhow... that's probably sufficient text to ensure that the picture doesn't overlay the information on the right so here is the view of my milestone caches:

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